Monday, November 15, 2010

Web Visible

WebVisible is an advocate for small business owners, providing them with advanced technologies and unmatched expertise to help them grow and thrive. From their interns, to their executive leadership, they are proud to partner with non-profit organizations who think globally, but act locally to address the urgent needs of the disadvantaged among us.


Tired today, but still happy because I have several task today. Hope tomorrow again I can have task. Thanks to all my advertisers for trusting and giving me several task today like inpostlinks,blogvertise, and sociaspark.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Holiday Cards

Kwanzaa cards is best for those for providing you with high quality printing that is both affordable and totally customizable, so that you can be the cool creative person you're just itching to be, without breaking the bank. 123Print offers a wide range of product that are fully customizable to fit the personality of any event, business, or person. These are simple and straightforward pricing.

Word Gymnastic

Did you know that word gymnastic is comes from the word 'gymnasium' which is Greek. The ancient Greeks created the gymnasium as aplace used by young men for exercise, public baths and conversation. The root is the word 'gymnos' which means naked, as it was usual to take exercise without clothes on.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dr. Wade Grindle MD

Dr. Wade Grindle is a board-certified anesthesiologist, and a graduate of the UC San Diego School of medicine. Dr. Grindle has extensive experience in providing anesthesia for cardiac, neurosurgical, obstetrical, major vascular, orthopedic and pediatric surgical sub-specialties.As a pain management specialist, Wade Grindle MD develop a reputation as a compassionate physician who took the time to really listen to his patients.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

When Buying Bread and Cereals

cereals are food derived from plants and are known as grains. Cereals are considered the least expensive food. Cereals should be purchased by personal preference, intended use, availability and available storage space.

Bread is a perishable food and is likely to become stale and develop bread mold and ropiness. Buy only the needed quantity. Leftover bread must be stored in a clean, dry and well ventilated container.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Guidelines in Buying Meat

The kind of meat available at most markets are beef, carabeef, veal, pork, lamb, goat meat and entrails. Entrails include liver, heart, lungs, kidney, spleen, tripe, intestines and brains.Meats are fresh,chilled, frozen, cured, canned or dried.
When buying meat, examine its texture, odor and color. Meat should be stamped by BAI to show that it has been expected and approved for sale. The ration of lean meat, fat and bones should be considered. Buy what is suitable or specified in the recipe.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Law Enforcement Business Cards

Bank have more leeway on how they handle professional and small business cards than they do with consumer cards under the new law. The consumer law also curbs a variety of fees, requires more specific disclosure on fees and mandates 21 days between the days statements are mailed and payments are due. Officers of Law enforcement agencies can pick from an assortment of smooth, stylish and professional looking templates which reinforce the appeal of authority in law enforcement business cards. They have powerful image of rank badge, state emblems and title crests coupled with pictures of men in uniform, police dogs, guns, handcuffs, and police car sirens can intimidate and fittingly communicate the law enforcement officers. You can customized your law enforcement business cards by using colors from the American national flag and add iconic image like the statue of liberty. You can also print a badge on the business cards and get your name, tittle and contact details etched on it for a personalized cards that symbolizes rank, power and authority.

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Meaning of Manicure

Did you know that the word manicure is derived from the Latin word manus which means hand and cura meaning care. Manicure, therefore, is proper care of the hands and nails. Its purpose is to keep the hands and nails clean and well-kept at all times.
In the ancient times, beautiful hands and manicured nails were the exclusive domain of the idle rich. Today, however, every man and woman can avail themselves of proper care of hands and nails, regardless of status in life.
Well manicured nails are not only decorative, but they also show good personal hygiene. To maintain well-groomed nails, one has to do the following:
1. Maintain a healthy diet.
2. Protect nails from elements.
3. Have a regular manicure.
These is how our hands and nails look contributes to our personality. Good nail grooming should be a habit.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Filipino Values and the factors that Influence these Values in the Family

Values are ideals or principles which guide our action of behavior.Filipinos acquire values as the family live together and associate with one another in the performance of the roles.

To the Filipinos, the family does not only include the parents and the children but the Lolas and lolos, and titas, cousins and other relatives. This is due to the fact that Filipinos posses a genuine love and concern for their families as shown in the respect given to older members of the family, the care given to the children and the generosity to other relatives.

The filipinos consider the family as the material and emotional support, the source of one's security and identity. In the family the children learn pakikisama, pagkakaisa and pakikipagkapwa-tao. To them, the family is one's commitment and a responsibility.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Interviewing People

The interview is another special type of conversation. Very often, important or popular men and women are interviewed by reporters for their respective newspapers. Interviewing is one effective way of getting information about a person or his work. It is not only newspapers , reporters, however, who interview other people. Even students do. Like in order to learn more about a certain industry, a student should go out and visit the factory and interview the manager or some of the persons working there. To be able to write well about the purpose of a new ordinance, he may have to interview the mayor or a councilor. To know the work of the Dean of Girls, he should interview the Dean.
These following pointers will help you carry on successful interview.
1. Prepare beforehand the questions that you will ask so that you can get the information you want.
2. Greet the person pleasantly and introduce yourself.
3. Speak clearly, correctly and courteously.
4. Note down the important statements made so that you can report on them accurately.
5. Thank the person politely before you leave.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Anybody can help Me and explain about Blogvertise Payments Satus

These are only few, these are my payments status on my blogvertise account, it is stated that I am paid already. But I never receive all these payments that are stated and shown on my Payments status. Not only all of these, I have many post already for the past year, that also stated paid but I wonder why and where they pay me ?I always check my Paypal account if the payments are stated there and if they really pay me through my Paypal account, but sad to say only few of their payments are stated on my Paypal account that Paypal was receive. Many are not really paid as it is stated in my blogvertise payments status. Below are some of my blogvertise payments status that stated and shown that it is paid already. General 07/06/201008/05/2010 $ _Paid

. General 06/23/201007/23/2010 $ _Paid

. $ _Paid

. General 03/24/201004/23/2010 $ _Paid

. General 03/22/201004/21/2010 $_ Paid

. General 03/01/201003/31/2010 $- Paid

. General 02/19/201003/21/2010 $ _Paid

. General 02/09/201003/11/2010 $ _Paid

. General 02/09/201003/11/2010 $ _Paid

. General 02/08/201003/10/2010 $ _Paid

. General 02/08/201003/10/2010 $ _Paid

. $ _Paid

All of these are not really paid, I never receive these kind of payments through my Paypal account. I was wondering why, If they really pay my post already why I never receive an emails from them (blogvertise) that stated their payment sent to paypal so that I can see the details Like IZEA. INC. did to all of their payments to their blogger members. Like, if they sent me a payment to my post they sent me an email stated that I am paid already through paypal and I can check the details through my paypal account.Also Paypal sent an email to me stated the details about the payments they receive from IZEA.

Blogvertise is not, I don't know if I paid already, so to know it I always check my payments status on my blogvertise account, if they already made a payment to me, as I check my Payments status account, it is stated and shown that I already paid, I emmediately check my Paypal if the details are there, but sad to say, I don't see the details, and as far as I know if Paypal receives payments they sent also an email to the recipient stating the transaction details.So meaning they really not paid my post, their payment status shown that my post is paid are not really true, they lie to me. I already sent a message to them, hope they fix these problem. Not only now they are doing this to me, I have many post does not really paid as what stated on my payments status account, only now I am com-plaining because I can't endure already their lies. Anybody encounter these kind of problem on Blogvertise account?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Want to Use Glutathione or Not

There is a Plethora of a claims on what glutathione can do to the body. Foremost are its antioxidant properties. A buzzword that has been used to tout everything from food to cosmetics, antioxidants are basically substances that counteract oxidation or ''rusting'' of the body.

A sampling of a few websites shows that glutathione seems to be a wonder substance, with the ability to ''increase energy, improve concentration, slow aging, and protect the skin,'' and even appearing to'' protect against cancer, heart disease, premature aging, autoimmune diseases and chronic illnesses.''

Locally, however, it is glutathione's apparent ''side-effect'' of making skin whiter or fairer that has catapulted it into almost superstar fame.

Glutathione, it is claimed, helps remove toxins that darken the skin. Renowned toxicologist Dr. Kenneth Hartigan-Go explains that glutathione is a substance that is actually produced in the human liver and plays a role in our bodies' metabolism. ''It's found in the kidneys and liver. It helps in detoxifying certain substances from our bodies,'' he says.

Medically, glutathione is sometimes used as a treatment for poisoning and certain drug overdoses. To the possible dismay of glutathione's many fans, he then announces, ''Beyond that, glutathione pills do not helps as they claim to do.''

He explains that while the body produces glutathione on its own, it cannot absorb glutathione that is ingested.'' Patients who need glutathione are actually given N-acetyl-cystein, a substance that is transformed into glutathione by the body,'' he says. ''Think about it, what is the point of taking a substance that your body cannot absorb? This is most probably why there are no studies to show the dangers of overdosing on glutathione, because you can't absorb in the first place if you take it orally.''

''In general, so-called 'nutriceuticals' or nutritional supplements' really have no benefits, even if you take them in large doses,''Hartigan-Go says. ''While experiments show that vitamins or other substances may have beneficial properties, these experiments are all done in laboratories, in test tubes, in petri dishes. Who is to say that these interactions that are done outside of the human body will have the same effect once inside the body?''

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Introducing Others

1. Ana, this is my brother, Ric.He is at present taking law in the University of the Philippines. Riza is our class treasurer.
2. Albert, this is my friend, Nick. He can paint and draw very well. Albert is a member of our high school band.
3. Miss de Guzman, this is Mr. Alejandrino. He made the table lamp that you saw in Ana's home.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Concentrate on your work when Studying

Close your eyes and ears to objects and noises that may disturb you. Request the other members of the family to tone down the radio. Don't listen to the chatter going on. Don't other things take away your attention from your work. Have the will power to resist the temptation to stop working and join the rest of the family or listen to the radio program. Remember that you have work that must be done. Study-time is study-time. It is not the time to trim your nails or to write letters to a friends.

Have a Clear Idea of what you should Accomplish in studying each Subject
Understand the assignment and do what it task for. It is very important that you take down assignments accurately. The assignment tells what you are to do. It shows you the goal in the study of a particular lesson. You should therefore have a clear understanding of what it ask for.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Filipino Family in Relation to Society Culture and Values

The family is a unique social institution. In every society, the family stands out as a distinct social unit. As such, it must be defined to include all the basic characteristics common to human family,everywhere. The basic characteristics of a family are :
1. It is group of people united by marriage, blood or adoption. Marriage unite husband and wife while between parents and children the relationship is by consanguinity.
2. The family usually live together under one roof.
3. The members associate with one another according to their roles as husband, wife, sons, daughters, etc.
4. Family members enjoy their life together playing their various roles.
Society on the other hand, is a voluntary association of individuals organized and working together for common end and periodically meeting because of common interest,beliefs, and professions.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Suboxone Withdrawal

While my daughter doing a research on her school assignments, she came across Suboxone Withdrawal website. She ask me what kind of drug it is and how it works. I don't know what am going to say, so we're together reading the article in order to learn what these kind of drugs and what is all about. As we learned Suboxone is a proscription drug used to treat opiate addiction. And it is intended for short-term use only during opiate withdrawal. So for those who are wanting to use it, just use for only a short period of time, so that you can withdraw Suboxone easily. I am not really familiar with these kind of drugs, but as of my review I learn some of these.

Knowledge at your Fingertips

The encyclopedia is an important as the dictionary because it covers almost all fields of knowledge-science, literature, painting, music, sports, and many others. Like the dictionary the items are arranged alphabetically. The encyclopedia usually comes in several volumes, and the last volume contains the index. Some examples of well-known encyclopedia are:
Encyclopedia Britannica
Compton's Pictured Encyclopedia
Encyclopedia Americana
Also, by using the computer, multimedia encyclopedias are also accessible. A multimedia encyclopedia is a collection of reference articles with texts, photographs, and diagrams supplemented by videos, animations, interactive features, sound clips, and other content. It has 3 forms 1. one or more CD-ROMs (Compact Disc Read-only Memory); 2. on a DVD-ROM (Digital Videodisc Re4ad-only Memory); and (3)online-that is, via the internet.
World Book Multimedia Encyclopedia
Microsoft Encarta

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Did You Know?.....

Did you know that Pelicans fly, roost, and breed in groups. Both parents feed their chicks partly digested fish which they cough up into their pouches!!!!

There are large deposits of shale oil around the world. In the future, they may be mined to produce more gasoline!!!!!!!!!!,.....
The unhelpful heritage vanishes.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Green Hornet Costumes

My children loves to dress up in costume party or Halloween, maybe because they are really big fans of Halloween. We usually have hard time finding costumes for our children, and a couple of pets that also like to dress up a costume for an occasion. We have to go to many different store to find costume for everyone to wear. Until my friend in Texas told me about the website of costume kingdom dot com. As I visit the Green Hornet Costumes website I found out that they have enough costumes for my children. They have costumes in all different sizes. Not only for children, but they have also for adults and pets. I am surely, you love their products because all products are affordable to everyone of us. You can use the above link to get free shipping on your order. But I want to remind all of you who want to make a deal with them, it is very important that you ask first some tips of your neighbor, friends or relatives on the net, before dealing with them.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Oxis International Inc. Product Solutions

Health and wealth are the most important things in our life today. To maintain healthy lifestyle is hard to do so. Specially at this point of time things is not easy to do, its very terrible. To all people that are hardworking, always has a hectic schedule, and no time to exercise or cook a healthy food, Oxis international Inc. is the proper place to buy treatment and preventive against diseases.
Oxis International Inc. is principally engage in the research and development of technologies and therapeutic products in the field of oxidative stress and inflammatory reaction. Some facts that the company has, they have Advancing Oxidative Stress Technology Oxis International Inc. the premier provider for the potent antioxidant, Ergothioneine, and through their patented synthetic manufacturing process, they remains the only significant commercial source of pure L-ergothioneine worldwide. More than that see their webpage today to know about their anti-aging products, antioxidant, glutathione, penny stocks and free radical. To learn more about their products see oxis on twitter and oxis on facebook.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Linkfromblog Dot Com

Many people today making blog for money. At first blogging is just like making diary online, but it is used for making money or earning some extra money online which is really good for all full time mom's. Because even mommy's are at home they can earn some extra income. Paid reviews from Linkfromblog is one of the program that can offer you to earn money online. Since this is my activation post I don't really know how it works. I've been having and making money online on some other programs like this, and I heard and found this website so I am going to try, if its work for me.

To all bloggers who want to earn extra income or mommy's at home that are part time blogger start earning money online today. Like me lets try if this website will quite good than others. This is blog advertising. They will ask you to review advertisers products, and if your post or review will approve, there you can earn money. Some awesome website isn't it?Paid reviews

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Educational Toys

Bringing up children today's world can be complicated, as parent we should make sure that all our moves and decisions will good for them. Like if we are going to buy some toys for them, we should make sure that the toys we are going to buy for them will avail for their needs and can make them more smarter. It is important that we take the time to prepare our children for the challenge ahead. When buying their toys, it is more better to buy educational toys and games to prepare them in their studies as well. Whether we are a first-time parent or'' old hat'' like me, choosing great baby toys can be pretty hard because baby can't yet express his preference for certain types of toys, colors, or characters. Baby interact using five senses, not just their eyes. So better to buy educational toys and games at their early age. But before dealing these kinds of educational toys, just to make sure that your idea is good, you can ask some tips to your friends or relatives.


Did you know that music is an essential part of culture. We have learned before that music from Japan, China, Korea, and the Philippines is used to preserve cultural traditions and values to express deep emotions. At this point of time we learn about other Asian and non-Asian musical cultures.

Like people of India, music is a sacred form of artistic expression dating back to ancient times. Over the centuries,the Indians have developed their own musical style, form, and principles of composition that are extremely different from the Western orientation.

Not all of us learn about India's intricate musical system, musical traditions, and historical background. We shall recall the Vedas, India's religious chants, to know the raga, the tala, and the drone which are the basic musical elements of India.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Luau Invitations

Luaus are great summer way to entertain friends and family. They provide guests with quick, festive atmosphere and always ensure a fun-filled party. The invitation sets the party, be it a party in the backyard or on the beaches of Hawaii. The appearance of the invitation, could affect a person's decision to attend your party or another. allows to buy luau invitations that might not be as personal, but can be more creative. They have a large collection of attractive luau invitations that are sure to make an impression to your guests. All of their invitations come with free blank envelope. As I read and learn about their products, they also have technology that will allow you to personalize each invitation with the names of your guests. That they called ''Variable Data'' printing. They are creative, inexpensive in an original way to get your Luau off to a great start. Remember, always bear in mind to ask some tips from friends on the net to make sure you deal with a good quality products and decide on the right way.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Euro Tail lights

Hi! Guys, my hubby is now a taxi driver. He does not satisfy on his SUV tail lights which were fitted into the taxi that he used, as he always change it because of the poor quality. While I'm surfing in the net I found this website that constructed only for vehicle accessories as I've learn. When I look up on this website, I'm really amazed on their different kinds of collections of all accessories and most of all the one that my hubby need to buy.

The euro tail lights. Their products are cheaper than others that have, and they also give 25% discount including free delivery. Once you have done your orders, you will have it after 2 days of billing. You will also be happy for their customer support also their online transaction are safe and secure. All products that are manufactured in these website are from high quality materials and latest technologies to attract more costumers. And this euro tail lights throws high beam of light while you are traveling on the road to see the roadway clearly even in the darkest area. So maybe next week we are going to purchase this products as soon as possible.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bedroom Furniture Store

My hubby want to have new bedroom furniture to replace our old ones. He looks for some space-saver beds. Like some people these days have a penchant to reflect their personality and their unique tastes and preferences in their furniture items, and it is often not easy to find one that can strike the right cord. While surfing on the net I've found a place that I think they win my heart because of their varied quality Bedroom Furniture products that are in perfect blend of style and utility.Whether you are looking to give a face lift to your home decor or just wishing to replace your old sofa with a modern piece, spacify give you the ultimate furniture shopping experience as you can select form its various European and Italian design furniture to give the right feel to your home decor. But guys remember that before dealing with them, much better if you ask some tips to others or tips from your friends to be assured about the quality of furniture products.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fixing Hair Problems

You can start by coloring your full head to both cover your white hair, and enhance your hair color. You can use any dark shade that has 100%coverage. If you want a lighter shade, make sure it is maxed with a base color close to your natural shade. Color should be left on for about 45 minutes (regular coloring time is about 30 minutes). Then simply retouch at the roots every month, or refresh your full head after two months to keep the hair color that suits you.

When you just came back from the beach, and your hair color seems to have gotten lighter after the trip. Apply a deep conditioning treatment on your hair before swimming and leave it on to avoid salt water and chlorine causes your hair color to get lighter.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Do you have the opportunity?

Find out if your company has room for you to grow. The smaller the company, the smaller your chances for promotion--especially if your immediate bosses are the ones who put up the business in the first place.

On the other hand, if your company has a well-structured hierarchy, each resignation is a chance for you to climb one step up the ladder. This is also true if your company is expanding its business by opening new offices or entering new offices or entering new markets.

If you are working for a company that will not provide you opportunities for growth, scout around for one that will. Staying in and resenting a company that does not allow you to grow is a disservice to both you and the company.

If you do get a job offer, assess whether or not the new company can promise a higher position and better benefits. IF you'll be stuck with the same level or compensation package, you're only making a lateral transfer.

That might not be worth giving up your old job. The only exception is if the new company can provide you with the experience you need for a higher level position.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Forming Effective Study Habits

Our success depends on how we study. Like students, we should study in the right way in order to learn. Poor study habits result in little learning. Effective study habits will help us succeed in our work.

Study Hints

Make a Study Program

We must plan out our day so that we can at regular hours. We can use our vacant periods for studying. Like study at home early in the morning, before supper, or in the evening before going to bed. When we are usually free from work at home. A regular schedule for studying will help us get better results.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

How can I protect my right to see my child?

The best way to protect your right to custody(and avoid traumatizing your child with a sticky legal battle) is to sit down with the father and look for an amicable and equitable arrangement. I remember one separated couple who discussed a suitable arrangement between themselves before filling for separation. when I asked them about custody, they said, " We don't have any problems. We already agreed on the custody and the visitation of our children. We both know that we can't be together and that we can't keep on fighting each other. We know that our problems have nothing to do with our children. It's best that the children. Its best that the children get to know us both while they're growing up."

If parents an amicable settlement on the custody and visitation rights of their children, then this saves everyone from anxiety, trauma, and the hassle of endless court hearings. Of course many husbands still exert greater power and influence other their wives, and many more are financially more stable. This can effect the wife's ability and confidence in fighting for her custody rights. Thus, care should be taken in these settlements to ensure that everyone's interests are protected. A lot of discernment and self-examination must be done in deciding who is the best custodian who could serve the best interests of the children.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Consolidate your investments

What is your present stock market position? Are your investments up or down? Do the math and meet with you stockbroker to reposition or liquidate your investment. Ask them to compute your net income after taxes and decide what to do with your cash. Should you re-position in the market or should you lie low?

Friday, June 4, 2010

Cold Storage

The proof of the efficient working mom is not in how organized her refrigerator is. Here, tips on how to get ahead in the cold war:

Herb. Want to make your fresh herbs last longer? Just keep a few springs in a little bit of water and store in you refrigerator to have fresh herbs at your fingertips!

Strange Ref Fellows
Film. Hey, guess what? You can preserve the color quality of your film longer by storing it in the refrigerator!

Candle. Did you know candles that have been kept in the refrigerator will take longer to burn? Yup, just store them in the fridge two to three hours before using.

Nail Polish. Your kids might think it strange to find nail polish in the refrigerator - just explain that the cold temperature makes nail polish smoother!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tips for buying shoes

Shoes have to be comfortable at the time you buy them. Don't believe salespeople who say your shoes will become comfortable in a week's time. You shouldn't need to break into your shoes. Shoes like that will break your feet first.

Make sure the material allows for air circulation. Plastic materials will just make your feet sweat.

You must be able to bend the shoe with your hands. A flexible sole is important because it helps keep the feet in balance while walking or running.

Buy shoes in the afternoon when your feet are at their biggest. Well hope that this tips can guide you when to buy shoes.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Japanese Poetry

Did you know?

Poetry is a favorite among the Japanese. The oldest collection of poetry- Manyo Shu ( Collection of myriad leaves ) - was compiled in A.D, 800. The collection titled One Hundred Persons was compiled much later.

The writing of poetry was a required ability among the aristocratic classes. Skill in the art led to promotions in court. Poetic ability was also necessary for courtship: a suitor's letter to his love one had to be exquisitely written in poetry. This was carefully folded and tied with a spray of flowers before it was sent.

Japanese poems have a certain suggestive quality, with the poet seemingly addressing the reader, " Your heart must complete the poem." Poems are written on various subjects - the falling of the blossoms, the reddening of the leaves in the autumn, the glory of the imperial family, the death of a wife or child, or the pleasure of drink. The shortest form of Japanese poetry - but the most popular - is the haiku, a seventeen-syllable poem in three lines of five, seven, and five syllables. Poetry is so intimately bound with Japanese life that the Japanese set aside one day each year as Haiku Day.

With advent of the twentieth century, Western ideas and customs greatly influenced the Japanese. European influences in literature is manifested in translation and imitation, especially in fiction.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Enrichment Activities


1. How are decisions made through:
a. default?
b. habit?
c. imitation?
d. impulse?
e. coin tossing?
f. careful thinking?
2. Among the six ways of making decisions given in #1, what do you think is the best method to follow? Why?
3. What follows a decision made? Explain fully.

Class/Group Discussion/Work
Problem Solving

You are invited to a birthday party of your best friend Tuesday night, but you have a scheduled long test Wednesday morning. Your friend told you never miss this party because it means a lot to to her. What do you do? If you are arrive at a very good decision. which of the six methods (#1 above) is the test to use.

Group Work
Group yourselves into manageable numbers. Arrive at a good decision for the problem, using careful thinking. Answer the seven questions and follow the format of listing the pros and cons of the two choices on page 9. Get ready to present the decision arrived at, complete with the step-by-step procedure followed.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Meeting the Needs of the Family

In decorating and furnishing a home, priority is given to providing the needs of the family. These needs may vary from family to family, and are influenced by the number, age and activities of the family members. A large family, for example, may need more space and furniture than a small family. A family with a small children requires a bigger space for play area. It is also necessary to choose durable interior finishes and furnishings. In some families, members play or work with materials that soil clothing. Activities like these require the use and arrangement of furniture and other furnishings so that the entire family feels free to use and enjoy the house. Plans should be made flexible so that changes may easily be made form time to time.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Provide a quick link to our site

Reading and surfing in the internet can boost you more knowledge, at the same time we can get more informative information and we can learned a lots as it is always updated to any related topic that we're wanted to know. Like if are wanted to know everything that is related to our household cores if ever there is a problem. If you need to make any major repair problem that is need to be done as early as possible, just browse article alley site and go to Article directory to look for the tools that you need. Careful planning should be made and quality materials should be always considered. Visiting through this site will let you learned more useful information about everything you will always wanted to know. You can browse article by categories. But dealing with them, always bear in mind that having tips to other people or friend is always make your work better.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Two Types Of Expenses

1. Fixed Expenses - these consists of expenses that occur regularly w/in a period of time in more or less the same amount.

2. Flexible Expenses - expenses that do not come regularly.

Example: expenses for clothing recreation, donation, medical and dental and other emergency expenses.

3. Managing Family Income - means balancing the budget so that time needs of the family are net.

4. Time and Activity Plan - is a tool which help you accomplish your task for the day.

5. Daily Time Schedule - It is other tool which shows the activity to be done for the day and the corresponding timed to be used.

6. Duration - refers to the length of time spent for a certain activity.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

To Conserve our Forest the ff. measure are suggested

Educating the public
Proper Harvesting of forest products
Wise use of cut down trees
Forest Protection
Wild Life conservation

~Common Forest Trees~
Our forest have various species of trees that are of great value to the economically and ecologically.

Trees Gives us the ff. Benefits
1. They provide shade and fresh air.
2. They provide lumber for the construction of shelter.
3. They provide materials for the manufacture of paper.
4. They provide firewood.
5. They serve as the Natural habitat for birds.
6. Their roots absorbs water, thereby preventing floods.
7. They minimize evaporation of moisture in the wood lands.
8. They protect virus & streams from ciltation.
9. They cool the air during summer.
10. They provide relavation & enjoyment.
11. They lessen the direct pressure of rain that can displace soil.
12. They Multiply on their own for their specie.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Recomemded Dietary Allowances

The RDA is a guide in determining how much nutrients are needed by an individual a day.

The RDA indicates the minimum requirements for each nutrient and the level below where deficiency symptoms occur where optimum feed health is not possible.

Factors were considered in the preparation of RDA

1. Individual Variation

2. Food Utilization

3. Food Sources

Importance Of RDA

1. Helps determine the amt. of nutrients needed in planning and evaluating the diets of different age groups.

2. It is also used to check weather the food consumption of an individual complies w/ daily requirements by his/her age group.

3. RDA serve as basis for estimating nutritional food needs, as goals in food production.

Monday, April 19, 2010


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Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Needs and Demands of Family

A good spending plan has clearly defined goals. Family needs muse be studied carefully when budgeting needs that are basics are those which the family must have in order to live such as food clothing and shelter. Needs should be satisfied first before demands. Some demands can be the result of influences from outside the family causes an individual to wish to passes something.

Wants, desires or demands unlike basics. needs, many may be set aside particularly when money is not available. New clothes, a vacation or a colored T.V, for ex. can wait until the family can afford these. Budget priorities should be determined in order that income may be properly distributed to provide for items in the need list.

To determine how much should be alternated for each item the following pointers are suggested.

1. Family income

2. Considering priorities

3. Tracking Expenditures

4. Adjusting the budget

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Proper Techniques of harvesting, storing and Marketing

--> After picking fruits maybe packed for shipment to the market. They should be picked and packed while still hard and already nature to make them fit for consumption.
Fruits are gathered using fruit pickers ,a basket or other devices.
Weather must be fine at the time for harvesting they should maybe harvesting while wet, early in the morning or during the hottest part of the day to prevent decay.
Fruit boxes Should be placed under the shade of the tree as soon as field.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Importance of Keeping Friends

Tips on how to win Friends

- Be friendly and welcome the friendship of others.

- Take opportunities/activities that offers you to make friends.

- Start the conversation when you meet someone you want for a friend.

- Cheerfulness invites friendship.

- Be ready and willing to help.

- Take pleasantly with people.

- Be a good listener

- Win many friends and keep their friendship always.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Qualities of a Good Salesman

A Good Salesman:

1. Is sincerely concerned with customers' needs. Do not sell your customer the most expensive item among your products. Give him/her an assortment of goods to choose from.

2. Gives customers the freedom to choose. Do not intimidate by making choices from him/her. A buyer should be given the feeling that he/she is buying and not the salesman merely selling.

3. Is honest to customers. Do not promise the impossible just so he/she will be encouraged to buy. Anything given in surprise is better, and you will be more appreciated.

4. Makes an appointment and keeps it. Do not commit any thing that you cannot fulfill. It will result in a person's bad reputation.

5. Helps customers make good choices. As a salesman, you should know your products. This puts you in a better position to recognize a mistake that your customer is about to make. If this happens, then the customer must be informed. One cancelled order for this kind of reason will gain you a lifetime customer.

6. Treats customers fairly and well. Remember, a salesman or an establishment cannot stay long in the business without the patronage of the customers. Whether a buyer is a voluntary or a convinced customer, he/she must be given the feeling that he/she is valued/important.

7. Protects the customers' interest. Inform consumers of a price increase as soon as you come to know about it. Encourage them to make their orders before the price increase is implemented.

8. Accepts own mistakes. If the mistake is clearly not the customer's, accept it cordially without bothering him/her of "third party liabilities" like the production department, quality control office, packaging department, etc. This is one sure way of getting the full trust and confidence of your customers/

9. Acts in a very business like manner. Do not win customers by means of "tear fall" nor by acting like a pauper. Saying "you cannot refuse me", or "what are friends for" are some unprofessional statements from a salesman.

10. Is modest and honest. Tell the truth about your product but not to the extent of becoming a "bragging stuff". Use adjectives instead of superlatives in describing your products. For example, saying "good" is more convincing than saying "best", "fabulous", etc.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Saw Blades

Saw blades are made from many different materials. UpTite carries a wide selection of saw blades. They have all varieties of blades in stock and are ready to ship. Whether you need a diamond blade, replacement circular saw blade, carbide blades, tile wet blade, or diamond carbide, uptite has it. The experts at UpTite will assist you with the best replacement saw blade selection. The edge of these saw blades will be so sharp such that it can even cut off a big tree. The saw blades are mainly used in forestry, construction, demolition, medicine, hunting and etc. Some of the materials used in saws are brass, diamond and steel. Some of the terms associated with saw blades are teeth per inch, points per inch, kerf, fleam, rake, teeth, gullet, toe, heal, back, front, etc. Any kind of sawing, make sure to consider the thickness of the blade. And before dealing with them it is better to have tips from others or friends.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Basic First Aid

First aid experts stress that knowing what to do for an injured person until a doctor or trained person gets to an accident scene can save a life, especially in cases of stoppage of breath, severe bleeding, and shock.

People with special medical problems, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, epilepsy, or allergy, are also urged to were some sort of emblem identifying it, as a safeguard against use of medication that might be injurious or fatal an emergency. Emblems may be obtain from Medic Alert Foundation, Turlock, CA 95380.

Most accident occur in homes. National Safety Council figures show that home accidents annually far outstrip those in other locations, such as in autos, at work, or in public places.

In all cases get medical assistance as soon as possible.

Animal Bites - Wounds should be washed with soup under running water and animal should be caught alive for rabies test.

Asphyxiation - Start mouth-to-mouth resuscitation immediately after getting patient to fresh air.

Bleeding - Elevate the wound above the heart if possible. Press hard wound with sterile compress until bleeding stops. Send for doctor if it is severe.

Burns - If mild, with skin unbroken and no blisters, plunge into ice water until pain subsides. Apply a dry dressing if necessary. Send for physician if burn is severe. Apply sterile compresses and keep patient quiet and comfortably warm until doctor's arrival. Do not try to clean burn, or to break blisters.

Chemicals in eye - With patient lying down, pour cupfuls of water immediately into corner of eye, letting it run to other side to remove chemicals thoroughly. Cover with sterile compress. Get medical attention immediately.

Choking - Do not use back slaps to dislodge obstruction. (See Abdominal Thrust)

Convulsions -
Place person on back on bed or rug so he can't hurt himself. Loosen clothing. Turn head to side. Do not place a blunt object between the victim's teeth. If convulsions do not stop, get medical attention immediately.

Cuts (minor) - Apply mild antiseptic and sterile compress after washing with soap under warm running water.

Drowning - (See mouth-to-mouth Resuscitation) Artificial breathing must be started at once, before victim is out of the water, if possible. If the victim's stomach is bloated with water, put victim on stomach, place hands under stomach and lift.If no pulse is felt, begin cardiopulmonary resuscitation. This should only be done by those professionally trained. If necessary, treat for shock. (See Shock)
Electric Shock - If possible, turn off power. Don't touch victim until contact is broken; pull him from contact with electrical source using rope, wooden pole, or loop of dry cloth. Start mouth-to mouth resuscitation if breathing has stopped.

Foreign body in eye - Touch object with moistened corner of handkerchief if it can be seen. If it cannot be seen or does not come out after a few attempts, take patient to doctor. Do not rub eye.

Fainting - If victim feels faint, lower head to knees. Lay him down with head turned to side if he he becomes unconscious. Loosens clothing open windows. Keep patient lying quietly for at least 15 minutes after he regains consciousness. Call doctor if faint lasts for more than a few minutes.

Falls - Send for physician if patient has continued pain. Cover wound with sterile dressing and stop any severe bleeding. Do not move patient unless absolutely necessary - as in case of fire - if broken bone is suspected. Keep patient warm and comportable.

Loss of Limb - If a limb is severed, it is important to properly protect the limb so that it can possibly be reattached to the victim. After the victim is cared for, the limb should be place on a clean plastic bag, garbage can or other suitable container. Pack ice around the limb on the OUTSIDE of the bag to keep the limb cold. Call ahead to the hospital to alert them of the situation.

Poisoning - Call doctor. Use antidote listed on label if container is found. Call local Poison Control Center if possible. Except for Iye, other caustics, and petroleum products, induce vomiting unless victim is unconscious. Give milk if poison or antidote is unknown.

Shock (injury-related) - Keep the victim lying down; if uncertain as to his injuries, keep the victim flat on his back. Maintain the victim's normal body temperature; if he weather is cold or damp, place blankets or extra clothing over and under the victim; if weather is hot, provide shade.

Snakebites - Immediately get victim to a hospital. If there is mild swelling pain, apply a constricting band 2 to 4 inches above the bite.

Stings from insects - If possible, remove stinger and apply solution of ammonia and water, or paste of baking soda. Call physician immediately if body swells or patient collapses.

Unconsciousness - Send for doctor and place person on his back. Start resuscitation if he stops breathing. Never give food or liquids to an unconscious person.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

During the days of our forefathers

During the days of our forefathers, showing respect for elders was one of the rigid, unwritten laws. Putting their elders on a pedestal, the offspring's and sibling regarded their elders words as law that could never be broken. They believe that severe punishment would be fall anyone who dared go against his or her fathers will. In all their relations with their parents and elders, the children always avoided any act that might offend them. It was considered very disrespectful for them to utter their parents' names. When a child talked with his or her elders, he or she took off his or her putong (turban or headdress) and sat either on the ground or on his or her heelbones. He or she addressed his or her superior in the third person and never the second.

In turn, the parents continued to support and protect the child from harm as he or she grow older. Even when already married. He or she continued to live with the family, in the fathers house. The father continued to provide support, if necessary, even if the married couple and their children decided to live separately from them. The father believed that everything that was his was theirs.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Family Affair

Filipinos are fond of celebrating Valentine's Day not only with their lovers but also with the entire family or barkada. There is no better place to spend these special occasions than at a restaurant that celebrates the wonders of Filipino cuisine, c2 classic cuisine. this is where dinners can relish sumptuous familiar comfort food while relaxing in the restaurant's cozy and welcoming atmosphere. Happy Valentine's Day to all. Spend your valentines day not only to your love ones but also to all of the members of the family. The mimic bands the keyword opposite the given earth.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

How To Make Chicken Salad Sandwich


150 grms. chicken, cooked and chopped
1 pc. big potato cooked and diced
1 t. finely chopped onion
2 1/2 t. pickle relish salt, pepper and sugar
2/3 c. salad dressing butter and margarine

Combine chopped chicken, potato, onion, salt, pepper, sugar and pickle relish. Mix thoroughly before adding salad dressing. Spread butter before spreading the filling or the bread slices.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Calling to all Who Have Good Heart and Want to Help us

I'm calling the attention to all people with a golden hearts. My mother now is suffering with her illness called (mayuma) i think this is cancer of the uterus or i really don't know what mayuma means is. She is now at Bohol Philippines. I left there 1992 and until now i never come back my hometown again. My nephew called as yesterday and told us that my beloved mother was so weak already. And her seeking us. I have one brother and sister that are also here in Manila. We are both poor and nothing. We really want to see and talk our mother even for a last time, but we both don't know how. That's why I'm calling the attention of all who are kind and want to help us. We need to raise money for our fare and at the same time for the expenses if we're there already.

To those who want to help us, you may please send us at this address direct to us :

(Rosalita G. Moreno
98 B Kabesang Pino st. Pariancillo Villa Valenzuela City, Metro Manila Phil.) or at my paypal account(

You can also contact us at #09104912963 or #09395071019, as soon as we raise, we immediately go back home. We all thank you so much...

I feel embarrass but I need to do this, because we really need help. I think this is the only way to raise as soon as possible. We are really in need. We need to raise money as soon as possible or else it is too late.

Thank you all very very much..

Friday, January 22, 2010

You are Unique!

Every person has his or her own looks, traits, and characteristics. Every person is unique. Some traits are inherited. Traits and characteristics are often genetic, or passed on to you from your parents. You may have some traits like your mother, some like your mother, some like your father and some like both your father and your mother.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Life Energy

All life depends on the continuous input of energy. Most chemical reactions in our bodies are tuned to extract energy from food and use this energy to make new cells and keep cells already made alive.In this process food molecules play two roles: first, they contain energy that can be converted to form generally useful for biological reaction: second, they contain molecular structures that can be use to make macromolecules. The energy for all life originates from the sun. Light energy is converted into chemical energy (organic molecules) in the presence of water and minerals. Some of the captured energy is use to make more biomass (plants) to sustain animal life, provide energy to grow and do work (animals walk around), while some energy is lost as heat and waste molecules. The most effective way of converting chemical energy into useful energy to sustain life is respiration. Warm blooded animals have found ways to use the heat to maintain a relatively high body temperature which gives them an advantage in colder environments.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Feeling Different

Nature has a special language. It's a language understood that can beby Indonesians, Malaysians, Japanese, Chinese - in fact by all Asians. Blacks and whites understand it, too. It's a global language which knows neither boundaries nor religious dogmas. It cannot be banned or enforced by any regime. It cannot be monopolized by the bourgeois. It cannot be hoarded as a treasure by the usurer. Prestigious organizations cannot encourage or discourage it. Aging rajahs speak it with immeasurable nostalgia. Nostalgia? Yes. It is a dying language which can be understood by everyone, but it is hardly used by anybody.

An artificial, man-made language has taken its place. This is the language of supersonic jets, deep sea explosions, and the ruthless exposure of Mother Nature's mountains and hills. Nobody ever listens anymore to the language of babbling brooks, the collage of flowers in bloom, and the entourage of heavenly bodies in clear skies. Nobody listens and Mother Nature feels rejected. Her language is dying and she is dying, too. When she dies, the whole of Asia dies. Blacks and whites die, too.

Friday, January 15, 2010

My Thoughts

Ever since the world began, everyone had been trying to make work easier from all- by machinery or by do it-yourself kits. In the year 2002, one has ten times better living conditions than anyone had in the 16Th century. Take for example, cellphones, computer, fax machines, and email, among others. Today, these are a necessity in our homes that we did not have before. If people don't have it, everybody will be at a disadvantage.

There is much to tell about life today. Many think life is better now than four hundred years ago. Still some say, it is much better. But few believed that life was happier and more peaceful then. Are you agree? Have a beautiful day and night.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Showing Love

God show His constant love to those who love him and obey his commands. So, if we want to have God in our life, if we want to enjoy His constant love, for Him to be near us, we must prove that we love Him in return by obeying His commands.

Hence, obedience to God's commandments is very necessary in securing His constant love and the comfort it gives to our life. Sadly, it is this very important thing that many have failed to value because they are busy improving their lot, allowing themselves to be consumed by worldly pursuits.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Human Voice

Human voice can express difficult ideas through a variety of arrangements of consonant and vowel sounds. It can be also be used for singing. It can combine speech with music, and sing words. With his highly developed voice, man has developed elaborate languages. These allow us to tell each other the most exact details of our thoughts and actions.

The vocal cords are the main sound producers in man. These two small bands of tissue stretch across the Larynx( voice box). One band stretches on each side of the windpipe opening. Muscles in the Larynx stretch and relax the vocal cords.

When we breath, we relax our vocal cords so they form a V-shaped opening that lets air through. When we speak, we pull the vocal cords by the attached muscles, narrowing the opening, Then, as we drive air from the lungs through the Larynx, the air vibrates the tightened vocal cords and sound results.