Saturday, April 24, 2010

Two Types Of Expenses

1. Fixed Expenses - these consists of expenses that occur regularly w/in a period of time in more or less the same amount.

2. Flexible Expenses - expenses that do not come regularly.

Example: expenses for clothing recreation, donation, medical and dental and other emergency expenses.

3. Managing Family Income - means balancing the budget so that time needs of the family are net.

4. Time and Activity Plan - is a tool which help you accomplish your task for the day.

5. Daily Time Schedule - It is other tool which shows the activity to be done for the day and the corresponding timed to be used.

6. Duration - refers to the length of time spent for a certain activity.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

To Conserve our Forest the ff. measure are suggested

Educating the public
Proper Harvesting of forest products
Wise use of cut down trees
Forest Protection
Wild Life conservation

~Common Forest Trees~
Our forest have various species of trees that are of great value to the economically and ecologically.

Trees Gives us the ff. Benefits
1. They provide shade and fresh air.
2. They provide lumber for the construction of shelter.
3. They provide materials for the manufacture of paper.
4. They provide firewood.
5. They serve as the Natural habitat for birds.
6. Their roots absorbs water, thereby preventing floods.
7. They minimize evaporation of moisture in the wood lands.
8. They protect virus & streams from ciltation.
9. They cool the air during summer.
10. They provide relavation & enjoyment.
11. They lessen the direct pressure of rain that can displace soil.
12. They Multiply on their own for their specie.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Recomemded Dietary Allowances

The RDA is a guide in determining how much nutrients are needed by an individual a day.

The RDA indicates the minimum requirements for each nutrient and the level below where deficiency symptoms occur where optimum feed health is not possible.

Factors were considered in the preparation of RDA

1. Individual Variation

2. Food Utilization

3. Food Sources

Importance Of RDA

1. Helps determine the amt. of nutrients needed in planning and evaluating the diets of different age groups.

2. It is also used to check weather the food consumption of an individual complies w/ daily requirements by his/her age group.

3. RDA serve as basis for estimating nutritional food needs, as goals in food production.

Monday, April 19, 2010


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Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Needs and Demands of Family

A good spending plan has clearly defined goals. Family needs muse be studied carefully when budgeting needs that are basics are those which the family must have in order to live such as food clothing and shelter. Needs should be satisfied first before demands. Some demands can be the result of influences from outside the family causes an individual to wish to passes something.

Wants, desires or demands unlike basics. needs, many may be set aside particularly when money is not available. New clothes, a vacation or a colored T.V, for ex. can wait until the family can afford these. Budget priorities should be determined in order that income may be properly distributed to provide for items in the need list.

To determine how much should be alternated for each item the following pointers are suggested.

1. Family income

2. Considering priorities

3. Tracking Expenditures

4. Adjusting the budget

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Proper Techniques of harvesting, storing and Marketing

--> After picking fruits maybe packed for shipment to the market. They should be picked and packed while still hard and already nature to make them fit for consumption.
Fruits are gathered using fruit pickers ,a basket or other devices.
Weather must be fine at the time for harvesting they should maybe harvesting while wet, early in the morning or during the hottest part of the day to prevent decay.
Fruit boxes Should be placed under the shade of the tree as soon as field.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Importance of Keeping Friends

Tips on how to win Friends

- Be friendly and welcome the friendship of others.

- Take opportunities/activities that offers you to make friends.

- Start the conversation when you meet someone you want for a friend.

- Cheerfulness invites friendship.

- Be ready and willing to help.

- Take pleasantly with people.

- Be a good listener

- Win many friends and keep their friendship always.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Qualities of a Good Salesman

A Good Salesman:

1. Is sincerely concerned with customers' needs. Do not sell your customer the most expensive item among your products. Give him/her an assortment of goods to choose from.

2. Gives customers the freedom to choose. Do not intimidate by making choices from him/her. A buyer should be given the feeling that he/she is buying and not the salesman merely selling.

3. Is honest to customers. Do not promise the impossible just so he/she will be encouraged to buy. Anything given in surprise is better, and you will be more appreciated.

4. Makes an appointment and keeps it. Do not commit any thing that you cannot fulfill. It will result in a person's bad reputation.

5. Helps customers make good choices. As a salesman, you should know your products. This puts you in a better position to recognize a mistake that your customer is about to make. If this happens, then the customer must be informed. One cancelled order for this kind of reason will gain you a lifetime customer.

6. Treats customers fairly and well. Remember, a salesman or an establishment cannot stay long in the business without the patronage of the customers. Whether a buyer is a voluntary or a convinced customer, he/she must be given the feeling that he/she is valued/important.

7. Protects the customers' interest. Inform consumers of a price increase as soon as you come to know about it. Encourage them to make their orders before the price increase is implemented.

8. Accepts own mistakes. If the mistake is clearly not the customer's, accept it cordially without bothering him/her of "third party liabilities" like the production department, quality control office, packaging department, etc. This is one sure way of getting the full trust and confidence of your customers/

9. Acts in a very business like manner. Do not win customers by means of "tear fall" nor by acting like a pauper. Saying "you cannot refuse me", or "what are friends for" are some unprofessional statements from a salesman.

10. Is modest and honest. Tell the truth about your product but not to the extent of becoming a "bragging stuff". Use adjectives instead of superlatives in describing your products. For example, saying "good" is more convincing than saying "best", "fabulous", etc.