Thursday, May 27, 2010

Japanese Poetry

Did you know?

Poetry is a favorite among the Japanese. The oldest collection of poetry- Manyo Shu ( Collection of myriad leaves ) - was compiled in A.D, 800. The collection titled One Hundred Persons was compiled much later.

The writing of poetry was a required ability among the aristocratic classes. Skill in the art led to promotions in court. Poetic ability was also necessary for courtship: a suitor's letter to his love one had to be exquisitely written in poetry. This was carefully folded and tied with a spray of flowers before it was sent.

Japanese poems have a certain suggestive quality, with the poet seemingly addressing the reader, " Your heart must complete the poem." Poems are written on various subjects - the falling of the blossoms, the reddening of the leaves in the autumn, the glory of the imperial family, the death of a wife or child, or the pleasure of drink. The shortest form of Japanese poetry - but the most popular - is the haiku, a seventeen-syllable poem in three lines of five, seven, and five syllables. Poetry is so intimately bound with Japanese life that the Japanese set aside one day each year as Haiku Day.

With advent of the twentieth century, Western ideas and customs greatly influenced the Japanese. European influences in literature is manifested in translation and imitation, especially in fiction.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Enrichment Activities


1. How are decisions made through:
a. default?
b. habit?
c. imitation?
d. impulse?
e. coin tossing?
f. careful thinking?
2. Among the six ways of making decisions given in #1, what do you think is the best method to follow? Why?
3. What follows a decision made? Explain fully.

Class/Group Discussion/Work
Problem Solving

You are invited to a birthday party of your best friend Tuesday night, but you have a scheduled long test Wednesday morning. Your friend told you never miss this party because it means a lot to to her. What do you do? If you are arrive at a very good decision. which of the six methods (#1 above) is the test to use.

Group Work
Group yourselves into manageable numbers. Arrive at a good decision for the problem, using careful thinking. Answer the seven questions and follow the format of listing the pros and cons of the two choices on page 9. Get ready to present the decision arrived at, complete with the step-by-step procedure followed.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Meeting the Needs of the Family

In decorating and furnishing a home, priority is given to providing the needs of the family. These needs may vary from family to family, and are influenced by the number, age and activities of the family members. A large family, for example, may need more space and furniture than a small family. A family with a small children requires a bigger space for play area. It is also necessary to choose durable interior finishes and furnishings. In some families, members play or work with materials that soil clothing. Activities like these require the use and arrangement of furniture and other furnishings so that the entire family feels free to use and enjoy the house. Plans should be made flexible so that changes may easily be made form time to time.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

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