Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Lord tulungan mo ako / kmi wala pa akong hawak na pera para sa pa laser ng mga mata ng mister ko sa wed. may 13, bigyan mo ako ng taong makakatulong sa amin ?........wag mangyaring mabulag ang asawa ko paano kmi ng mga anak ko ...Please ......Lord Jesus Christ help us at sa mga kapwa ko rin nangangailangan ng iyong agarang tulong pakinggan mo nman kmi please.......Batid nyo po na ang asawa ko lang ang naghahanapbuhay para sa amin.......Please.....................??///?

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Buy Me! (only in the Phili.)



Make : Mitsubishi
Model: 1993
Type : L300 M Bus
Fuel : Gasoline

with top load and protector (back & forth)
*price is still negotiable
For more details visit : Mitsubishi L300

Saturday, November 29, 2014

ATTENTION !! Need Medical Assistance

Good day to all,

At my young age, I dream that someday I would be one of those who can help others who need the most. Sadly because it was not happening to me.
Today, my family especially my husband is in need. He needs Medical Assistance for the maintenance of his medicines. We really can't afford the cost of his medicines everyday. It's very difficult to us to sustain the high cost of the medicine.

Roberto J. Moreno - Mercury Drug RCBC My Wallet Card Account Number: 4215-8500-2017-1907 
98B Kabesang Pino St., Pariancillo Villa Valenzuela City. contact #: 09497004495.

P.S. to those who seek medical assistance you can go to Presidential Action Office in Mendiola in front of Max Restaurant, PNB Building. 
For having endorsement, to PCSO, DOH or Social Welfare.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Office Furniture

They are an online retailer for ecommerce office furniture, chairs and etc.. UK manufactured, these gas height adjustable chairs stand on aluminium four star swivel bases.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Just to Greet Everyone

Hi! How's everyone? Back to my favorite part time and past time.....Have a nice day/night  to each and everyone...

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Remote Control Cars

remote control nitro cars are online e-commerce shop that specialize in everything. Even though they only have one remote control bike for sale in their website.

My 16th Anniversary

Me and My husband will celebrate our 16th anniversary at May 18. We will only celebrate our anniversary at our home with our two daughters.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Online Blinds

roman blinds is made to measure.Can be lined or unlined also a blackout lining that could be the perfect option for a bedroom.

Glue stains

To remove plastic cement, apply nail polish removal(acetone) sparingly. This will dissolve the cement. Blot with a clean cloth. Nail-polish remover and other acetone-based products will also dissolve ''super'' glues. Do not use on acetate and acetate blends. White all-purpose glue should be soak in warm water, then sponged with ammonia . Rinse then launder. the glue left by price tags and labels on bottles, plastics, or almost any surface, can be easily removed by rubbing with vegetable oil and a clean cloth. Rinse or wash the oil off after removing the glue. ( not recommended for use on fabrics.)

Online Wines

The juice of sparkling wine of all red grapes is in fact white and the red pigmentation is only found in the skins. It is the length and technique of the contact of the skins with the juice that determine the color of the wine, so technically it is possible to make white wine from red grapes.

Chewing Gum removal

On flat, smooth fabrics, harden gum by rubbing with an ice cube, then peel gum off. If any stain remains, sponge with alcohol or dry cleaning fluid( often sold as '' spot remover.)On knits, particularly fuzzy, loose sweaters, massage vegetable shortening into the gummy area. This will loosen the gum and lift it from the fibers. Wash out with cool water and mild soap or detergent. Repeat if necessary until all gum is gone.

For Chocolate- Rub with a mild detergent and warm water. if stain remains, sponge lightly with dry cleaning fluid.

Document storage

document management provide costumers with expert, impartial advice on every aspect of records management including policies and retention scheduling.

Removing Candle Wax Stains

With a dull knife, gently scrape off as much wax as possible. Sandwich the fabric between two thick layers of paper towels and iron over the spot with a hot iron. Frequently change the towels for fresh ones as the wax melts and soaks into the paper. If any colored stain remains after all wax has been removed, sponge with rubbing alcohol.

Spain Villas

Apartments in Spain is a great selection of accommodation ranging from simple apartments that are great value to luxury villas in Spain. Choosing your perfect place is easy, most properties have a full gallery of pictures so that you can see just what your chosen property has.

Removing Blood Stains

Washed first blood stains in cold water or a mild soap or detergent. Hand soap or dishwashing liquid is fine. Never wash blood stains with warm or hot water. If stains have dried and set, sponge with a little hydrogen peroxide until the stain disappears.On mattresses and other large items that are different to wash spread a thick paste of cornstarch and water over the stained area. Let dry thoroughly, then vacuum off.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Shirt Printing

High-quality design a t-shirt are a great way to market your business or send as a gift. T-shirt printing is perfect for team or family activities, parties or events.

Burns First aid

If mild, with skin unbroken and no blisters, plunge into ice water until pain subsides. Apply a dry dressing if necessary. Send for physician if burn is severe. Apply sterile compresses and keep patient quite and comfortably warm until doctor's arrival. Do not try to clean burn, or to break blisters.

*Chemicals in eye- with patient lying down, pour cupfuls of water immediately into corner of eye, letting it run to other side to remove chemicals thoroughly. Cover with sterile compress. get medical attention immediately.

Photo Books and Paper

photo albums are also an ideal way of documenting special events from weddings to holidays and school plays to festivals. They are great way of showing children that life was like for older generations who lived in a bygone era, and for everyone to revisit childhood memories.