Thursday, September 24, 2009


Hello Guy's Thank you for continued following my blog even I am not updating it for how many months but now am back . Thank you very-very much. This is my new URL of Life is Wonderful to know ,ive switch it again to blogspot .And my other blog called my Daily Blog is thank you again .

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

To Improve Present Skills (Does the battle sport a such contour?)

Life today is too hard. To help improve our own, many universities, colleges,high Schoolss, and other institutionsoffer vocational courses today in the evening. This courses meet the needs of men and women who work in the daytime. The courses may include such skilled subjects as electronics, fashion design, mechanical drawing, and tool making. This courses often help a person to obtain a better job or to improve his present skills. Why not try it now not later.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


1945 (April 25) The San Francisco Conference opened..
1945 (June 26) The UN Charter was signed by delegates at the San Francisso Conference.
1945 (Oct. 24) The UN was born as the required number of nations approved the charter.
1946 (Jan. 10) The 51-member General Assembly met in London.
1946 (Feb. 14) The UN voted to have its headquaters in the United States.
1948 (Dec. 10) The Un approved the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
1949 (Dec. 27) The Netherlands granted independence to Indonesia as the result of UN efforts.
1949 (Feb-July) Israel and the Arabe states signed cease-fire agreements worked out by UN officials.
1950 (June 27) The Security Council approved sending UN troops to project Korea's independence.
1953 (July 27) North Korea and the UN signed a truce agreement.
1956 (Nov. 6) The UN arranged an Israel-Egypt cease-fire agreement in the Suez Canal dispute.
1960 (July 14) The Security Council approved sending UN forces to Congo (Lepoldoville)
1960 (Dec. 14) The General Assembly adopted a declaration of the granting of the Independence to Colonial Countries and People.
1962 The UN issued $200-million worth of-bonds to help pay its debts.
1964 (March 4) The Security Council approved a peace-keeping forces for Cyprus.
1965 UNICEF was awarded the Nobel peace prize
1966 (Dec. 16) The Security Council voted economic sanctions against Rhodesia
1967 (June) The Security Council arranged cease-fire agreements, ending the six-day Arab-Israeli war.
1968 (June) The General Assembly endorsed a treaty designed to stop the spread of nuclear weapons.
1968 The General Assembly resolved to attack worldwide problems of air and water pollution
1970 The Un obsorved its 25th anniversary.
1971 The General Assembly voted to expel Nationalist China and admit Communist China to the UN.