Monday, November 10, 2008

Motoring Tip of the Week

With the Christmas season only a few winks away we can expect a rise in criminal activities involving theft, worse holdups. And motorist are a great part of those victimized.
A side from "being at the wrong place at the wrong time", many of us end up as victims because we unwittingly invite the criminal elements to take us at the random.
we do this by doing the following, like staying (worse, sleeping) inside at parked automobile, which is an open invitation for car nappers to pounce on a defenseless motorist or leaving items on value in plain sight inside our vehicles just waiting for the "bukas kotse" elements to smash our windows to easily reach in for them.
The present precarious economic situation is predicted to get worse even we fore it would improve and such a situation gives rise to criminality. Let's all be conscius to prevent ourselves from be coming victims. And that's not even a sure-fire guarantee- what more if we don't even try.
Happy Motoring!!

Friday, November 7, 2008


The demands of modern life upon a nervous energy of most business and professional women are very great. However, schools, business and industry are all developing a scientific approach toward health to counteract these deleterious effects.

Whenever heavy work loads are place upon all workers, every factor contributing to fatigue is worthy of study. The basic process of life challenge our security and will not be solved immediately. Yet the very intricacy and complexity of living drive many workers to increased physical tensions. To counteract them the ability to relax should be developed. If we fail to alleviate these conditions we cannot balance the consequences in terms of healthful assets. Yes Guys have a good day.