Monday, August 23, 2010

The Meaning of Manicure

Did you know that the word manicure is derived from the Latin word manus which means hand and cura meaning care. Manicure, therefore, is proper care of the hands and nails. Its purpose is to keep the hands and nails clean and well-kept at all times.
In the ancient times, beautiful hands and manicured nails were the exclusive domain of the idle rich. Today, however, every man and woman can avail themselves of proper care of hands and nails, regardless of status in life.
Well manicured nails are not only decorative, but they also show good personal hygiene. To maintain well-groomed nails, one has to do the following:
1. Maintain a healthy diet.
2. Protect nails from elements.
3. Have a regular manicure.
These is how our hands and nails look contributes to our personality. Good nail grooming should be a habit.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Filipino Values and the factors that Influence these Values in the Family

Values are ideals or principles which guide our action of behavior.Filipinos acquire values as the family live together and associate with one another in the performance of the roles.

To the Filipinos, the family does not only include the parents and the children but the Lolas and lolos, and titas, cousins and other relatives. This is due to the fact that Filipinos posses a genuine love and concern for their families as shown in the respect given to older members of the family, the care given to the children and the generosity to other relatives.

The filipinos consider the family as the material and emotional support, the source of one's security and identity. In the family the children learn pakikisama, pagkakaisa and pakikipagkapwa-tao. To them, the family is one's commitment and a responsibility.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Interviewing People

The interview is another special type of conversation. Very often, important or popular men and women are interviewed by reporters for their respective newspapers. Interviewing is one effective way of getting information about a person or his work. It is not only newspapers , reporters, however, who interview other people. Even students do. Like in order to learn more about a certain industry, a student should go out and visit the factory and interview the manager or some of the persons working there. To be able to write well about the purpose of a new ordinance, he may have to interview the mayor or a councilor. To know the work of the Dean of Girls, he should interview the Dean.
These following pointers will help you carry on successful interview.
1. Prepare beforehand the questions that you will ask so that you can get the information you want.
2. Greet the person pleasantly and introduce yourself.
3. Speak clearly, correctly and courteously.
4. Note down the important statements made so that you can report on them accurately.
5. Thank the person politely before you leave.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Anybody can help Me and explain about Blogvertise Payments Satus

These are only few, these are my payments status on my blogvertise account, it is stated that I am paid already. But I never receive all these payments that are stated and shown on my Payments status. Not only all of these, I have many post already for the past year, that also stated paid but I wonder why and where they pay me ?I always check my Paypal account if the payments are stated there and if they really pay me through my Paypal account, but sad to say only few of their payments are stated on my Paypal account that Paypal was receive. Many are not really paid as it is stated in my blogvertise payments status. Below are some of my blogvertise payments status that stated and shown that it is paid already. General 07/06/201008/05/2010 $ _Paid

. General 06/23/201007/23/2010 $ _Paid

. $ _Paid

. General 03/24/201004/23/2010 $ _Paid

. General 03/22/201004/21/2010 $_ Paid

. General 03/01/201003/31/2010 $- Paid

. General 02/19/201003/21/2010 $ _Paid

. General 02/09/201003/11/2010 $ _Paid

. General 02/09/201003/11/2010 $ _Paid

. General 02/08/201003/10/2010 $ _Paid

. General 02/08/201003/10/2010 $ _Paid

. $ _Paid

All of these are not really paid, I never receive these kind of payments through my Paypal account. I was wondering why, If they really pay my post already why I never receive an emails from them (blogvertise) that stated their payment sent to paypal so that I can see the details Like IZEA. INC. did to all of their payments to their blogger members. Like, if they sent me a payment to my post they sent me an email stated that I am paid already through paypal and I can check the details through my paypal account.Also Paypal sent an email to me stated the details about the payments they receive from IZEA.

Blogvertise is not, I don't know if I paid already, so to know it I always check my payments status on my blogvertise account, if they already made a payment to me, as I check my Payments status account, it is stated and shown that I already paid, I emmediately check my Paypal if the details are there, but sad to say, I don't see the details, and as far as I know if Paypal receives payments they sent also an email to the recipient stating the transaction details.So meaning they really not paid my post, their payment status shown that my post is paid are not really true, they lie to me. I already sent a message to them, hope they fix these problem. Not only now they are doing this to me, I have many post does not really paid as what stated on my payments status account, only now I am com-plaining because I can't endure already their lies. Anybody encounter these kind of problem on Blogvertise account?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Want to Use Glutathione or Not

There is a Plethora of a claims on what glutathione can do to the body. Foremost are its antioxidant properties. A buzzword that has been used to tout everything from food to cosmetics, antioxidants are basically substances that counteract oxidation or ''rusting'' of the body.

A sampling of a few websites shows that glutathione seems to be a wonder substance, with the ability to ''increase energy, improve concentration, slow aging, and protect the skin,'' and even appearing to'' protect against cancer, heart disease, premature aging, autoimmune diseases and chronic illnesses.''

Locally, however, it is glutathione's apparent ''side-effect'' of making skin whiter or fairer that has catapulted it into almost superstar fame.

Glutathione, it is claimed, helps remove toxins that darken the skin. Renowned toxicologist Dr. Kenneth Hartigan-Go explains that glutathione is a substance that is actually produced in the human liver and plays a role in our bodies' metabolism. ''It's found in the kidneys and liver. It helps in detoxifying certain substances from our bodies,'' he says.

Medically, glutathione is sometimes used as a treatment for poisoning and certain drug overdoses. To the possible dismay of glutathione's many fans, he then announces, ''Beyond that, glutathione pills do not helps as they claim to do.''

He explains that while the body produces glutathione on its own, it cannot absorb glutathione that is ingested.'' Patients who need glutathione are actually given N-acetyl-cystein, a substance that is transformed into glutathione by the body,'' he says. ''Think about it, what is the point of taking a substance that your body cannot absorb? This is most probably why there are no studies to show the dangers of overdosing on glutathione, because you can't absorb in the first place if you take it orally.''

''In general, so-called 'nutriceuticals' or nutritional supplements' really have no benefits, even if you take them in large doses,''Hartigan-Go says. ''While experiments show that vitamins or other substances may have beneficial properties, these experiments are all done in laboratories, in test tubes, in petri dishes. Who is to say that these interactions that are done outside of the human body will have the same effect once inside the body?''

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Introducing Others

1. Ana, this is my brother, Ric.He is at present taking law in the University of the Philippines. Riza is our class treasurer.
2. Albert, this is my friend, Nick. He can paint and draw very well. Albert is a member of our high school band.
3. Miss de Guzman, this is Mr. Alejandrino. He made the table lamp that you saw in Ana's home.