Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Setting the Table for Breakfast

A table setting creates a certain atmosphere that adds to the enjoyment of meals served. The flatware, dishes, liners and centerpieces are included in a table setting. They are more popularly known as table appointments.

Table Setting for Breakfast
  • Napkin
  • Breakfast plate
  • Cereal or fruit bowl
  • Bread and Butter plate
  • Milk glass
  • Juice glass
  • Cup and saucer
  • Butter knife
  • Fork Knife
  • Small spoon

Monday, December 21, 2009

Meal Service

Finally, you have come to the most enjoyable part of your meal management . . . "taste and see".

The foods that you will arrange on the table for the enjoyment of everyone can still be made more enticing through what is known as table setting.

Table Setting

A table setting creates a certain atmosphere that adds to the enjoyment of meals served. The flatware, dishes, liners and centerpiece are included in a table setting. They are known as table appointments.

An individual place setting is called a cover and would need width of 50-61 cm and a depth of approximately 30 1/2 to 40 1/2 cm. The area of a cover is also determined by site of the table or the placemat, if used. The flatware to be placed in a table setting is determined by the kinds of the service being used - formal or informal.

Sample table setting for breakfast, lunch and dinner were illustrated. Let us have a review of these settings again tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Make room for humour

Hello guy's and friends! did you know that laughter can helps clear mind, yes guy's and creative problem solving becomes easier when done with a clear mind. Try it and take it easy.

Creative thinking comes from learning other things, back when paper was made from cloth, someone noticed that wasp nests had a paper-like composition. It led to the realization that paper could also be made from wood. hmmmm. parang malalim ata na words to ah ...parang di ko rin maget hehehehe....

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Room Coloration

Room coloration can also be affected by housekeeping problems. In the cities, there is so much smoke, dust and dirt that makes cleaning harder than in less crowded provinces and towns.
Ages of family members should also be considered when choosing colors for the home. Children play outdoors, and when they do, they are likely to bring home with them dust, dirt and mud.
To avoid housekeeping problems, a wise homemaker always considers colorfastness to sun and water when buying household fabrics. Easy care and maintenance should also be given consideration.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Gods smiles on Anacleto

The wonders of science were almost beyond reach of the common masses during the Spanish rule. Few of them ever had the benefit of the collage education. Hence, they were prone to superstitions. Anacleto del Rosario, who came from the ranks of the poor, was a shining beacon. He rose to become the Prince of the Filipino Chemist despite poverty and the limitations of a Spanish-imposed curriculum.

Anacleto was born in 1860 to a humble rope-maker Eugenio del Rosario, and a fruit vendor, Casimira Sales. He was well-loved since he was the only survivor of eleven children of the poor couple.

During his early boyhood, he studied under private tutors, one of whom was a lawyer-uncle. At the age of seven, he mastered the alphabet and learned elementary Spanish. He was such a bright boy that his hardworking parents entertained glowing illusions of his golden future.

Unfortunately, misfortune struck the family in 1872, when Anacleto was barely eleven years old. His father died and his mother became an invalid. Despite his extreme youth and weak body, Anacleto did a man's job to support his sick mother and had to quit his studies. He sold fruits and vegetable in the streets like his mother; he made ropes like his later father; and, later, he worked as a laborer at the electric company in Manila.

Though tired and wavy from the day's work, Anacleto attended to his mother's needs cheerfully. Not even once did he complain the misery and hopelessness. He knew that someday the Lord will send an angel of mercy to help him and his mother in their sad state. His prayers were answered when a rich and kind relative came to their rescue. In 1873, he enrolled Anacleto, then eleven years old, in the secondary course under private tutors, in the Ateneo de Manila. From then on, it was smooth sailing. He passed the trials and God was obviously pleased with him.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Merry Christmas to All

Hi to each and everyone specially to all my friends here in this world of blogosphere.... Christmas seasons is coming beware of snatchers outside and inside the mall if your in the shopping. Safety first all your belongings before going to the malls for shopping.

Wish this coming season you enjoy your vacation bonding with all of your family member. But hope you would not forget that the spirit of Christmas is truly God was born to save all of us in our sins .....that's why Jesus is coming this is the true spirit of Christmas .Think of it what is the right gift you would like to offer to our saviour that is our almighty God and Lord Jesus Christ. Not only giving gift to each and everyone the most special gift is what Jesus will receive a gift from us. Like were going to surrender our sins to him. Surrender our trials and circumstances for those who are weary and God will surely Give us rest...The unhelpful heritage vanishes.