Sunday, January 24, 2010

Calling to all Who Have Good Heart and Want to Help us

I'm calling the attention to all people with a golden hearts. My mother now is suffering with her illness called (mayuma) i think this is cancer of the uterus or i really don't know what mayuma means is. She is now at Bohol Philippines. I left there 1992 and until now i never come back my hometown again. My nephew called as yesterday and told us that my beloved mother was so weak already. And her seeking us. I have one brother and sister that are also here in Manila. We are both poor and nothing. We really want to see and talk our mother even for a last time, but we both don't know how. That's why I'm calling the attention of all who are kind and want to help us. We need to raise money for our fare and at the same time for the expenses if we're there already.

To those who want to help us, you may please send us at this address direct to us :

(Rosalita G. Moreno
98 B Kabesang Pino st. Pariancillo Villa Valenzuela City, Metro Manila Phil.) or at my paypal account(

You can also contact us at #09104912963 or #09395071019, as soon as we raise, we immediately go back home. We all thank you so much...

I feel embarrass but I need to do this, because we really need help. I think this is the only way to raise as soon as possible. We are really in need. We need to raise money as soon as possible or else it is too late.

Thank you all very very much..

Friday, January 22, 2010

You are Unique!

Every person has his or her own looks, traits, and characteristics. Every person is unique. Some traits are inherited. Traits and characteristics are often genetic, or passed on to you from your parents. You may have some traits like your mother, some like your mother, some like your father and some like both your father and your mother.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Life Energy

All life depends on the continuous input of energy. Most chemical reactions in our bodies are tuned to extract energy from food and use this energy to make new cells and keep cells already made alive.In this process food molecules play two roles: first, they contain energy that can be converted to form generally useful for biological reaction: second, they contain molecular structures that can be use to make macromolecules. The energy for all life originates from the sun. Light energy is converted into chemical energy (organic molecules) in the presence of water and minerals. Some of the captured energy is use to make more biomass (plants) to sustain animal life, provide energy to grow and do work (animals walk around), while some energy is lost as heat and waste molecules. The most effective way of converting chemical energy into useful energy to sustain life is respiration. Warm blooded animals have found ways to use the heat to maintain a relatively high body temperature which gives them an advantage in colder environments.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Feeling Different

Nature has a special language. It's a language understood that can beby Indonesians, Malaysians, Japanese, Chinese - in fact by all Asians. Blacks and whites understand it, too. It's a global language which knows neither boundaries nor religious dogmas. It cannot be banned or enforced by any regime. It cannot be monopolized by the bourgeois. It cannot be hoarded as a treasure by the usurer. Prestigious organizations cannot encourage or discourage it. Aging rajahs speak it with immeasurable nostalgia. Nostalgia? Yes. It is a dying language which can be understood by everyone, but it is hardly used by anybody.

An artificial, man-made language has taken its place. This is the language of supersonic jets, deep sea explosions, and the ruthless exposure of Mother Nature's mountains and hills. Nobody ever listens anymore to the language of babbling brooks, the collage of flowers in bloom, and the entourage of heavenly bodies in clear skies. Nobody listens and Mother Nature feels rejected. Her language is dying and she is dying, too. When she dies, the whole of Asia dies. Blacks and whites die, too.

Friday, January 15, 2010

My Thoughts

Ever since the world began, everyone had been trying to make work easier from all- by machinery or by do it-yourself kits. In the year 2002, one has ten times better living conditions than anyone had in the 16Th century. Take for example, cellphones, computer, fax machines, and email, among others. Today, these are a necessity in our homes that we did not have before. If people don't have it, everybody will be at a disadvantage.

There is much to tell about life today. Many think life is better now than four hundred years ago. Still some say, it is much better. But few believed that life was happier and more peaceful then. Are you agree? Have a beautiful day and night.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Showing Love

God show His constant love to those who love him and obey his commands. So, if we want to have God in our life, if we want to enjoy His constant love, for Him to be near us, we must prove that we love Him in return by obeying His commands.

Hence, obedience to God's commandments is very necessary in securing His constant love and the comfort it gives to our life. Sadly, it is this very important thing that many have failed to value because they are busy improving their lot, allowing themselves to be consumed by worldly pursuits.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Human Voice

Human voice can express difficult ideas through a variety of arrangements of consonant and vowel sounds. It can be also be used for singing. It can combine speech with music, and sing words. With his highly developed voice, man has developed elaborate languages. These allow us to tell each other the most exact details of our thoughts and actions.

The vocal cords are the main sound producers in man. These two small bands of tissue stretch across the Larynx( voice box). One band stretches on each side of the windpipe opening. Muscles in the Larynx stretch and relax the vocal cords.

When we breath, we relax our vocal cords so they form a V-shaped opening that lets air through. When we speak, we pull the vocal cords by the attached muscles, narrowing the opening, Then, as we drive air from the lungs through the Larynx, the air vibrates the tightened vocal cords and sound results.